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Crush Crush Mobile. Crush Crush Mod v0.382

Fa'afouga: 30/03/2023
Tau: SAʻoloto
MOD: SA'oloto

La'u mai Crush Crush Mod 0.382 mo Android apk & iphone ios 4.4

Ei mea vevela! E te manaʻo i se taʻaloga malie ma faʻafefe e te ata ma fiafia ai? Faʻafeiloaʻi ile Crush Crush – o se sim tafaoga faamasani le aoga! | Talanoa ma tagata e te fiafia i ai ma tafao faamasani i uo tamaitai fiafia o loʻo sailia le alofa. Maua tupe e ala i galuega le aoga ma mea fiafia e faʻateleina ai ou avanoa e faʻaalu ai taimi ma nei tamaitai lalelei. Fa’atau meaalofa ma lavalava a lau pele e fa’ateleina ai lo latou alofa mo oe. Tatala ata ma faʻamatalaga talanoaga aʻo faʻatupulaia lou alofa!

⭐ Feiloai! ⭐
Faafetaui ma talatalanoa ma teineiti anime aulelei

⭐Aso! ⭐
Tafao i lou tu’ilalo ma su’e le fetaui lelei

⭐ Maua! ⭐
O galuega ma mea e fiafia i ai e mafai ona fa’aleleia atili ai lau tinoitupe ma fuainumera

⭐ Tatala! ⭐
O lavalava ma ata ma teine ​​fou i ou tamatamai lima


Crush Crush o se ta’aloga e leai se totogi.

La'uina fua Crush Crush [Hack & Mod] mo Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Tele: ) - Fa'aliliuga 0.382. Fa'asalalau ile . E SM.VNMOD.NET. Crush Crush Mobile. Atiina e Sad Panda Studios Ltd. Mana'oga faiga fa'aoga 4.4. Teen.

Taaloga Hack Features MOD

  • - Leai ADS
  • - Tatala UMA
  • - Tatala VIP
  • - Tupe e le gata
  • - Tatala Totogi

Taaloga Version Totogi MOD

  • - La'uina fua
  • - Leai se Totogi
  • - Tatala Uma
  • - Punaoa e le gata
  • - Tatala Full Version

Pe le o le taimi ea na malolo ai Eva mai le kikiina o le matua tele? Siaki lana Telefoni Fling i le taimi nei e iloa ai! O lenei fa’afouga fo’i o lo’o fa’atūina ai le fa’avae mo ni mea malie o lo’o lumana’i – ma sa matou fa’amauina ni fa’aletonu!.

Faʻamatalaga fou

  1. william “trueblue77” greenbecker: I love this game. Peanut is obviously the best. Although Mio, Bonnibell, Quill, and Honey are also there. Honestly I think the only thing holding it back is the fact that more of the Phone Fling girls aren't available in the dating sim portion, although that will likely come is the future, as the next one to come is Lotus..
  2. Luke Rose: I Love It. That's All I Got To Say..
  3. Landon M: I have recently lost some bundles that I bought on your game and I would like them back..
  4. Night Capped: Fun game.
  5. I Jaye Sunsurn: This is a fun waste of time, you note what tricks are being used to delay you... The moment a new picture is to come in on your phone it makes you wait a day or more... Some gifts your expected to get are stupidly ridiculous (999 new cars each costing $15 billion??!?) You can eventually "win" as long as you keep playing as it's mostly just time locked in one way or another I'll probably get bored... But for now it's fun..
  6. McKinzey Goveia: Really good I love it 😍.
  7. Marty Pickell: Didn't have to spend a penny to complete the game. Afterwards, decided to show my support and bought some of the DLC girls. This is how a free game should be made. Thank you. Also, it's just an overall great little idle dating sim style game with a decent variety of humor. Loved the voice calls, totally didn't expect that. Plus, cute girls, can't go wrong with that..
  8. Jordan Thigpwn: lit.
  9. Swarm_Of_ Bee's_: I play this game because real women scare me emotionally.
  10. D M: Why are the hobbies days so long?😵 I would like it if I could watch a quick ad or pay more diamonds to cut the time.And on the last day my hobbies restarted now it says that it will take 1604 days to be complete😭.its getting boring.
  11. i love the the promised neverland: I really like it i also have it on my nintendo but right now im downloading it to be on my phone.
  12. Ethan Maze: I can cheat by changing the time and date on my phone and It gives me money.
  13. George Webb: Decent game but how do you get the lifetime gift for Qpernikiss you can't give her gifts yet because you're not Frenemies with her and I don't see it anywhere in the store.
  14. Kaiden Walch: I love it.
  15. Alondra Mancha: I LOVE HAWT BABES.
  16. Hoseinali Jamdar: I love thes game.
  17. Elliott Nutter: Great game, I have wasted away over 2k hours in this game.
  18. Sean Lawson: Amazing.
  19. Jesse Towne: great game.
  20. KennethMeow: Meow.
  21. Alex Hunter: I really really really Love this game It has everything that I loved Romance, An offline game, and Worth to spend my money on Sad Panda You guys are amazing for making this game❤️.
  22. Cable Tehran: ریدم توی این بازی مضخرم.
  23. Mood King: peachy🍑.
  24. Mike Engemann: The only way to progress is by soft setting the game over and over. not really a problem until you have to watch ads to double your income. The ads REGULARLY FAIL so you're stuck with a black screen until time is up. This is a common problem I've seen among so many other games that use UNITY for their ad base. Otherwise it's a good game to help waste time..
  25. kai jones: cute girls, good story, easy game play. absolutely love it.
  26. Servannas Hellyer: st is is the best thing to do on the tablet.
  27. Kel Greenwald (Ghost!!): Meow Meow.
  28. DevilThorn666: Love it.
  29. Gabriel Merchant (Cyanidas): GORL.
  30. jimimars: I love this game its great but my only complaint how it takes so long for the hobby and jobs to get to the next level. Even when you use your gems on it it takes SO long..
  31. Liliana Barcus: I really love it!!!! But it does need some more girls love the game good job.
  32. K Mareo: I hope you can transfer the files from the pc steam to here instead overwriting it. AND ALSO to the people saying "THIS IS HARD I CAN'T PASS FRENEMY" "CASSIE IS RUDE" "TO THOSE MAN THIS IS NOT HOW GIRLS/WOMENS TALK" like shut the hell up 😒. This is a FICTIONAL ROMANCE GRINDING GAME. There's a reason why the game is like this it's just a game. Not all people taking this game seriously It's just a game for a relax grinding game who just also likes romance. Taking this seriously is dumb.
  33. Kelly Anne: Moist.
  34. Vaniayasir Awan: It's very lovely game and especially the characters.... Are just the way I like them..... They are very cute.... And everything is very fun and hot.... Lamo....
  35. Corrie Brown: Awesome game My only problem is that when you get far in the game it takes whole weeks to get 1 status up 1 I think 2 days tops would be good in my opinion..
  36. Mateo Ramirez: I got Rick rolled.
  37. Kristin: sample text (i have no complaints as of right now. so..).
  38. Jason Flickinger: I just realized that sutra and karma relate to gerudo btw it's from botw.
  39. pickle 42: The game is entertaining enough that will get you to log in daily just to claim the daily reward and leave, but when a third or so of a year disappears because you switch phones and your save corrupts, it can be kinda upsetting..
  40. Donavyn Lance: Love the game great job!.
  41. Yuri Ouma: I love this game but everytime I got to Nina or Pamu I lost all my money even if I don't buy anything Fix this please?.
  42. Corbin Morales: kinda basic, simple fun.
  43. Trey Conlee: This is just the clean version. The real game is on well was on nutaku along with harem heros.last time I checked.
  45. Hunter Grace: I think you should start working on a second one and make it more explicit and add tons more characters but the girls one and you should do one with female monsters like a monsters one just as it's own game not with the crush crush.
  46. ShinyMorganizard: Fun game to play in the meantime, I reccomened setting an alarm for whenever the live event updates, you get a lot of free stuff.
  47. Ryan Gregoire: Moist!.
  48. Karen L.: I really hope guys that play this understand real women don't act or talk like this.. Blush blush has far better artwork, might be time to revamp the art for this one.
  49. John Hale: Love the have but wondering when the 18+ dlc or update is coming out.
  50. Elliott Reed Whitbread: I live furry and the girls are cut.
  51. Alex Rodino: Hey it's good but I missed 6 LTE's odango,shibuki,tessa,juliet,esper,and sirina. Can you also add Genshin Impact and VShojo girls in to the game..
  52. 2009: Loved it 😍.
  53. Alestorm5000: I personally find it hilarious how much Aya hates all the other girls. And her dialog makes it worth it. 😂.
  54. Patrixia González: IT KEEPS CALLING ME A SPONGE 🧽 😭.
  55. Storrion Bussey: 👍.
  56. virginia fuentes: Great app I would choose the cat eared one app got me interested.
  57. Matthew Collins: I love the game.
  58. confused squid: Honestly the best game I've ever had the privilege of playing.
  59. Johann “StrongestDig7” Orozco: When I first saw this app, I just saw it as a generic cookie clicker but with waifus. But I gave it a go to see what it offers. I've now been playing for well over a year, and this game is still a blast! It's surprisingly good. Has some nice art, fun dialogue, likeable characters, easy menu navigation, generous rewards, doesn't bombard you with pop up ads, and rewards you with some saucy pics! It's still getting new content as well! Overall, a solid dating sim disguised as a cookie clicker. 👍.
  60. Hannah Barnes: Jacking of simulater boitch.
  61. Kyleen: Noice. Love it. AMAZING!! also I've been seeing kids online playing this. How do you stop them?!.
  62. Devin Malambphy: I like blush blush better but it's still good.
  63. Tsz ching Chan: I like this but more updates needed don't overwork yourself pls <3.
  64. TotallyNT: bru.
  65. Jhan khyra Dalire: Its so cool I love it😍.
  66. John Holsinger: Fantastic idle game themed as a dating sim! The writing is very well done!.
  67. Yuǎnjǐng ويدن: Pretty good game.
  68. Brandon Sarabdial: I played it on PC years ago and enjoyed it. Seems like they've added a lot of new characters which is great!.
  69. bob treslar (iambob4you): Is a good game and is perfect and fun and cool.
  70. Hib Case: Great idle/dating simulator game.
  71. Hannah Dromgoole: Cool.
  72. Rachel Amell: It's just like blush blush!.
  73. Aria Barnett: Fun.
  74. Mohd Hazwan: Ca u add quick pay to gift. It quite annoying to click on pay and decide how much gift to pay. I hope u add quick pay button. But don't use diamond for that please. Also can u also add the button on quick date to it and just need time to wait on date time to complete depend on time bonus in games..
  75. Wade Remo: Best game it maybe slow at first but later on it's fun and when i lost my acc the devs help me out.
  76. Dyna: I'm down bad bro.
  77. Grass Geese: Somehow, even without "realistic" women and dating situations, this app helped me handle my loneliness when it was too much. And it was tons of goofy fun!! Minimal ads :) i subtracted a star tho, because in-game dialogue seems to imply a masculine player. It is a fun game but it definitely feels as if i am cosplaying as a man lol.
  78. Gabriel Cervantes: I really really like this game and have spent a lot of time playing through the game engrossed in it's different parts.
  79. Catalinia Francis: I think that the version on the Nintendo switch is better and easier to use..
  80. Osho sharma: It's been a long time since I started playing this game although I really enjoyed it but I recently noticed that the pin-ups are half cut in some pin-ups like Halloween pin-up even characters is cut please look into it as soon as possible.
  81. Bill Miller: Phone flings missing now after the recent update so I girls I had unlocked are now locked again and I have no way of unlocking them.
  82. Bee Nah: I've been playing this game on my switch for a while, and it's amazing! The phone flings are... questionable, to say the least :'), but it's great for the straight guys and the gay girls :).
  83. Sonic The hedgehog: this game is amazing 🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍.
  84. Mondity: Is it possible to transfer steam data?.
  85. ethan parker hall: I LOVE THIS GAME.
  86. Aaron Ferrier (Koenigsegg Jesko): I Love Girls Girls Are So Cute and Pretty And More.
  87. Chiemerie Muokwelu: itnice.
  88. ᴀɴɪᴍᴇɢɪʀʟ: This game is fun I love it ⁉️⁉️⁉️😍⁉️😍⁉️😍😍.
  89. TrueTycho: not too shabby.
  90. Zion: I am inlove with this game! The characters, story, and the way it progresses is perfect!.
  91. Ezraq Harden: I do not have any brain cells.
  92. An average human being: This game is really cool the girls are cool and have really cool designs. I rate this 4 stars because the amount of time you have to wait for the next promotion/hobby level. Even though I have a max multiplier and boosted them with diamonds I still have to wait a long time. this isn't really a serious problem though. I enjoyed most of the game I just didn't like waiting thank you for curing my boredom..
  93. Johnathon Todd: Cool game the girls are cute.
  94. Jacob Anderson: I hate idle clickers with a passion. However, I have a weakness for anime waifus. Add to that the over the top humor, and I suspect this one will keep me busy for a while..
  95. Faizan Hassan: Decent dating sim that's surprisingly more wholesome than anything. But the hobbies are a pain to go through. I suggest changing it so that the hobbies are shorter and easier late game. Other than that, I hope this game gets updates for a while..
  96. Chandra McClure: To be honest not that great cassie is very rude and I can't get through the frenemy level and now I have to delete and install agian and its hard to get any job or new hobby but if you have the patience its very worth it.
  97. c l: I like this game because it is fun.
  98. kitty Meow: Nice.
  99. Robert Mazziotte Sr: Does not save correctly and lose a day of progress to the point where it makes it unplayable because it requires gems in order to make up for the lost time even though you actually went and did what you were supposed to for that week and it says you missed two to three days. Don't waste your time, find a different game that won't screw you on your rewards and your Daily Progress..
  100. Johnathon Zurkowski: it's a good game to play I like playing it if I had to I would tell everyone to try this game out.
  101. Noriaki Kakyoin: Lost all my progress took me around 8 months to get such high reset multiplier now its gone.
  102. Kano Mac: Its sussy.
  103. Kadence: So this game i don't know why are the girls turn into animals? IT's not fair I am so SUPER MAD! at this game it's a thing i dont know why are the girls in love with ME! I think why does cassie have heart eyes when i tap on her she in love with my player it's just the point! It's impossble? How it didn't know that Iro is diffent than Eli I can't get the outfit for the girls it's soo HARD. to get all their things on their list. Inpossible? I'm so sorry i am sorry i AM Super sorry I'm so upset ever.
  104. _Tw33k_: This game is really fun and cute but you cant change your Google play games account :/.
  105. BaconPancakesX: let's face it, the browser version is just superior in every way LMAO.
  106. Cory Brown: could use the voices for sure, but it's still got more to actually manage unlike alot of other idle games..
  107. Calebs Cutz: Is there a way to get nsfw access.
  108. Danielle Kirby: Fun game been playing for over a year and something new is added often. Love it.
  109. basegamez 78: When will we get the new phone fling girl?.
  110. Winter Rose: Good game great progressing story! The customer service helped me out super quick and where kind and helpful. Would recommend this to anyone into these kind of games:) p.s to the person who helped me I hope you have a great day.
  111. Dra- -King: It's a pretty good game not going to lie but it takes too long after a certain point plus some of the content is just not worth it.
  112. AlbertoDaMariachi: People who play this are weird, touch grass 💀💀💀💀💀.
  113. 巡音 ルカMegurine Luka: This game is awesome! Great characters, great dialogue, great way of progression in a clicker game! And it's moist!.
  114. Dustin Stiltner: Great game.
  115. SSN TBR: I'm in-love with this game! This is sooo awesome and wonderful. The girl's are also beauty, adorables and cute! Even the bear one, Though buying gifts are too expensive, also i'm just wondering… Why do they don't have voices, not like the male version of this game?… Though, the male version rarely does have voices too. I'm just curious….
  116. calcium rods (SarcasticTechFan): They're very cute and this game is fun! I like the addition of events and meeting the girls you text..
  117. Amiya Roseianna Crystalina-Beautiful: I love it. Its a fun game..
  118. Rain: 10/10 most moist game ever.
  119. Taylor: good game I like that it has enough things going at once to keep me busy overall good game.
  120. Ume Katsune: It's a great game and at its own pace. I really enjoy playing and I think my favorite girls are Darya and Esper..
  121. LeonPlaysXD: Didn't even know that there was a mobile version of this gonna go play now XD.
  122. Terik Parisi: I love everything about it except for i have goodish internet/wifi but when I try watching an ad or something... It doesn't work.
  123. Kayne Rodriguez: I can use my auto clicker for the rest of the game it's a cool game tho I also play it on my Nintendo switch all the time almost.
  124. Benjamin Williams (Epicgamer62796): It's awsome.
  125. Twisted Shadows: Fat.
  126. Ben Frank: Can you add more story to the "lover chats" as most other have about 6 pics worth or more of dialouge so i ask for more as a consumer In regards to everything else its amazing i say its comedic i also have bb the "homosexual" version and same thing its about perfect just it starts WAAAAAYYYYYY slower.
  127. Bradley Johnson (Omega Decion): So I've been playing this game for a while now and I've got to say it has been really enjoyable..
  128. John Montoya: Crush crush R34.
  129. A Google user: i love it.
  130. Jason Cressey: Wonderful and the girls are great.
  131. Sha'Re Pugh: Nice girls, and storyline. I now have a problem with trying to update, it won't complete the update, and it keeps saying that I have to update..
  132. Kevin Kebert-McAdams: Hot.
  133. Will Higgins: I'm surprised this game is really fun..
  134. Josiah Johnson: Its a cool gam for teens that like anime and its wholesome.
  135. Danika Gennes: It's a great app.
  136. binu p: the only one that I love.
  137. Dearre Oglesby: cool.
  138. Benster101 Ya: good game.
  139. Madison Ybarra: I would like to work with the creator of Flesh blush and crush crush I tried to talk to the craters you guys over and over but you never respond so my question was can I please work with you guys I know that your games are awesome and amazing but you never put any upgrades and blush blush the only upgrades are you ever had is in crush crush and some people really want some new upgrades and blush blush so I thought I can help you guys cuz I'm really good art and I would just like to help please.
  140. Vpm Skull: I really love this game but I was wondering if you could make halloween costumes for the characters.
  141. Charlotte Powell: Nice. I have a complaint. Whenever "soft" reset, all characters I got through TLE would disappear. It would be fine if I was always online but that would suck if I want them after the reset yet I'm offline. Please. Fix that. Nice..
  142. Wyatt Sparks: so far the game is pretty good no complaints..
  143. Antoinette Williams: O Hyoxotxk.
  144. JAce Porter: Add Hatsune Miku! Please. (=^ w ^=).
  145. none of your goddamn business: Just found covaids awareness girl in text mini game. Lame..
  146. Jow's Rebels: It's fun to me at least.
  147. Darkling Chan: Was a fun game, had 91 gems on one account and I guess it just vanished,tried to grt my 42 diamond save back and hve ben waiting two or three hours now.
  148. Dennis Menge: To my dismay I have to notice that the Phone Fling Pictures sent by the girls are corny and low res... Not very nice.
  149. Tank Man: This game was fun and simple i had it for a while and it is very fun but the computer version is better (especially with phone flings) but i qwould say this game is great but i have over 300 reset boost and diamond purchases are a little pricey. Great game.
  150. A Google user: it's good.

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